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Discover why a scalp analysis is important for healthy hair

Here’s a little newsflash, friends. Your scalp is an extension of your face. Bet you never saw it that way before, huh? Out of sight, out of mind. This is a gentle reminder that your scalp deserves the same level of love and attention you give your face. It’s one of the most neglected parts of the body because it’s not entirely visible and frankly, we’re often (very) distracted by our crowning glory.

We’ll stand in front of the mirror and assess our hair, wonder why it’s so limp, frizzy and worry about hair loss when it’s actually our scalp we should be concerned with. For most of us, our main priority when it comes to our mane is to achieve our desired look – without caring what goes on underneath. FYI that new haircut is not gonna look cute with unhealthy hair.

If your scalp is an extension of your face, then your hair is an extension of your scalp. We say, go back to your roots and take a long, hard look at your scalp and see what you’ve done to it. Are those products you use on your hair accumulating on your scalp? If you frequently use hair dryers and straighteners or regularly bleach and dye your hair, chances are, your hair is at risk of over-processing and with time, those procedures take their toll on your mane.

Unlike our skin, we can’t actually see our scalp well enough to know if there are any issues – until they become pronounced. When we do notice an issue with our hair, most of us head straight for serums and leave-in conditioners for help. Without knowing the cause of the problem, that’s basically a shot in the dark. We say, forget quick-fix solutions and get to the root of the problem with a scalp analysis courtesy of DrGL® Beauty Insider.

DrGL® Beauty Insider will be able to reveal your:

  1. Scalp’s condition
  2. Pore
  3. Cortex
  4. Density
  5. Texture of hair
  6. Health of hair follicles
  7. Sebum build up

All in just 15 minutes. These are all issues that contribute to the health of your hair. Similar to how we need to know our skin type, it’s essential to know your scalp’s condition so you know how to treat your follicles for best results and maximum shine.

With an abundance of over-the-counter products, it can be hard to decide what you should use. Get immediate results with a diagnosis that will reveal the treatment your hair needs in order to remove build up. Just like your skin, your hair needs a little extra help once in a while.

Your scalp has a fragile eco-system and we want to help you find the right balance. Take it from us. The secret to healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Start there. Give your scalp the attention it needs and you’ll be on your way to shiny, beautiful, thicker hair.

Find DrGL® Beauty Insider at DrHair® TANGS @ Tang Plaza, Level 4.


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