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Discover 6 simple tips from Dr Georgia Lee to keep your mane in top condition.

Dr Georgia Lee is the founder of bespoke premium skincare label DrGL®, On top of that, she’s also a hair guru with a range of award-winning DrGL® hair products and her revolutionary hair and scalp treatment focused haircare salon, DrHair®. Just one look at her hair and you know she takes hair seriously.

Regardless of your hair type, here are some simple tips from Dr Lee to improve the well-being of your locks for healthier, more manageable tresses.


1) The golden rule of good hair: Start with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Healthy hair starts from the inside out and a diet rich in proteins and minerals ensures your hair receives essential vitamins and minerals to become shiny, lustrous and strong. An overall healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, good sleep habits and a balanced diet helps hair grow faster, become noticeably thicker and increases natural shine.


2) With a busy lifestyle, it’s hard to get all the nutrition you need solely from your diet. Reinforce your nutritional intake with supplements such as biotin and vitamin Bs, which are essential for the strength and growth of hair. Give your roots a boost from the inside out with vital nutrients which support and strengthen your hair for a glossy, healthy bounce.


3) Limit styling that exerts undue traction on the scalp and follicles. This happens when hair is placed under constant strain or tension, and can be caused by tight hairstyles and braids. This tension can cause areas to thin and eventually leads to hair loss. Instead, opt for loose braids and ponytails that are kinder on the scalp and follicles, allowing for increased blood circulation.


4) In your efforts to look good, you can unknowingly damage hair with perms, highlights, extensions and chemical treatments. This puts stress on your hair and scalp. How you treat your hair has a direct impact on how healthy (or unhealthy) it looks. Your styling habits such as daily use of curling irons and hair dryers wreak havoc on the health of your hair and long-term use without preventive measures can lead to permanent damage. Try to avoid excessive hairspray and styling products as they can cause build-up which affects the scalp and let hair dry naturally whenever possible.


5) When time permits, care for your hair and scalp by having a thorough scalp and hair cleanse  which prevents build-up of dirt, debris, dead skin, sebum and products. A deep cleanse effectively unclogs follicles while providing a boost of nourishment to the roots. Since the scalp is an extension of the face, it needs to be well-cleansed for improved blood circulation, which stimulates and facilitates new hair growth.

A thorough hair and scalp treatment is recommended every 2 weeks for maximum effect. A deep cleansing scalp treatment that effectively unclogs follicles, DrHair® Cleanse & Defend removes debris like sebum and product build-up while facilitating the growth of new hair by boosting nourishment at the roots with cutting-edge peptides and phyto-nutrients.


6) Since you’re also massaging your scalp as you shampoo, consider preventive care with shampoos that address your hair concerns. DrGL® hair cleansers packed with peptides and active ingredients give hair the additional benefits of preventing hair loss, boosting growth and reducing white hair, depending on the peptides used. Revive your tresses with DrGL® hair products that penetrate deep within the shaft and scalp, to nourish and protect right down to the roots.


Hair care doesn’t have to be complicated. The less you do to your hair, the better. Give your hair the care it deserves with a combination of the tips above to keep it in top condition – lustrous, lush and healthy.

“Healthy glossy hair symbolises youth and beauty no matter what your age is.” – Dr Georgia Lee



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