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Forget these 6 common hair myths ASAP.


There’s a ton of fake news out there when it comes to tips about hair maintenance. We’ve rounded up 6 common misconceptions when it comes to hair care so you can avoid the  unnecessary dos and don’ts.


  • Cutting your hair regularly makes it grow faster

There is no science behind this theory. Cutting your hair doesn’t affect the follicles. Although trimming your hair will get rid of split ends, it won’t make your hair grow at a faster rate as the strands have nothing to do with the follicles. The growth of your hair depends on factors such as age, nutrition, stress and hormonal changes.


  • Washing your hair with cold water makes it shinier

The rationale behind this myth: icy water closes the cuticles of your hair so it’s flat and reflects light. The fact is, your hair doesn’t contain living cells so it doesn’t react to cold water. The temperature of water has nothing to do with the appearance of hair.

Keep your mane shiny and healthy with DrHair® Deep Cleanse. Effectively unclog sebum and build-up from the follicles to keep hair lustrous, lush and shiny.


  • Frequent brushing encourages healthy hair growth

It’s been said that rigorous brushing stimulates blood flow to the scalp, boosting hair growth and distributing natural oils from your scalp. The truth is, brushing causes friction which can lead to cuticle damage and hair breakage. Use the right tools such as a wide-toothed comb to avoid bruising the scalp and brush gently only as needed to detangle or style.


  • Stress causes grey hair

Greying is determined by aging and genetics. Grey hairs are caused by strands slowly losing their pigment. If you’re going prematurely grey, it’s not from stress. While stress can cause temporary hair loss, it won’t strip your hair of its pigment.

DrGL® Solution Anti-Aging has been shown to significantly reduce the density of grey areas as well as delay the emergence of white hair.


  • You need to frequently switch shampoos

Good news, you can stop the shampoo rotation and stick with your favourite. Your shampoo works more or less the same, but it is the needs of your hair that changes according to your perm or dye job. Different shampoos deliver different results so it really depends on the state of your hair and what you need.


  • Letting your hair dry naturally is better than blow drying

Although blow drying can cause damage to the surface of the hair, air drying can cause damage within the strands. When your hair is wet – it swells. This swelling puts pressure on protein which keeps your hair intact, which can lead to damage. The trick is to air dry your hair until it’s about 70% dry before blow drying on a low heat setting, keeping the hair dryer at a distance of 6 inches.


To keep your hair in tip-top condition, opt for a deep cleansing treatment once a month to rid the scalp of product and dead skin build-up which can clog hair follicles. That’s an open secret.



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